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For over a decade, SkyCom Outsourcing/BPO has been a leading provider of cost-effective business solutions for organizations of all sizes. Founded with the goal of delivering quality outsourcing services that drastically lower operational costs while maintaining customer satisfaction, SkyCom has established itself as a premier provider in the nearshore market. By partnering with SkyCom, companies can enjoy a range of benefits, including reduced costs, no overhead expenses, and training and development at no additional costs, employee lawsuit protection, no licensing fees, and no setup fees. With our certified and native english agents you will have a fast ramp-up process, You can expect your businesses to experience an immediate positive impact on KPIs and customer satisfaction surveys.

SkyCom offers a comprehensive range of, nearshore services in multiple industries, we serve from very complicated lines of business to typical customer support programs in most industries.

Skycom is focused in the US market and has multiple certifications like ISO, HIPAA, PCI, Soc 2 and many more to ensure quality and security to our partners. Strategically located in some of the world's premier outsourcing cities in Central and south america to ensure quality service and competitive pricing. Additionally, our cutting-edge AI tools enable our customers to achieve even greater cost savings. Our experienced staff is drawn from a wide range of industries and undergoes a rigorous industry-certification process for each line of business. Furthermore, our American management team oversees all call centers worldwide to ensure the highest standards of service and quality.

If you would like the best of both worlds saving plus gaining quality in your service provider look no further. Let us work with your team and experience the most experienced Nearshore partner today.

Some of our locations outside of the U.S.:

  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • India
  • Colombia

Meet our call center experts

Wendy Valladares

Wendy Valladares - VP Operations

Wendy is a seasoned operations manager who started her career as an agent. She has led operations in multiple countries with a track record of success. Holding the SkyCom family value closest at heart she enjoys to spend quality time with her loved ones when not running up and down the floors at SkyCom.

Daniel Quevedo

Daniel Quevedo - Director Of Operations

Danny has a strong process oriented background with an engineering degree from University of Waterloo and 10 years in various positions in the industry.
He passionately leads his team holding SkyCom’s value of ‘respect’ close at heart and finds his drive in life from his family and playing sports.

Ricardo Fernandez

Ricardo Fernandez - IT Manager

Ricardo joined SkyCom in 2013 in an IT support role before getting promoted. He has a university degree specializing in networks and is now studying a systems engineering degree. He is fascinated by the technological evolution and does a lot of self-study when not playing defense in SkyCom’s soccer team.

Yolanda Ferrufino

Yolanda Ferrufino - Account Manager

Yolanda has a major in Linguistics and Languages and has been involved for over 15 years in management of the largest outsourcing companies across the world. She is highly motivated and joined Skycom because of its internal growth .

Rick Delgadillo

Rick Delgadillo - Project On-Boarding Manager

Rick has more than 20 years supporting the largest and most complex outsourcing deals in the industry. Most of the customers he lead were Fortune 100 companies. The main reason he decided to join Skycom was the family oriented environment.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) IDCA Certified Data Center – ITI Design is a certification program aimed at certifying specific IT infrastructure design within a data center node.


SkyCom has a large percentage of U.S. English native speakers working in each industry. Our agents are required to have a minimum of five years of experience and a high level of English proficiency. SkyCom is not only a call center; we are a center of business process innovation (BPI).


Our IT team understands our clients’ business acumen and tailors solutions to suit each individual project. We assure secure transactions and uninterrupted operations. Fluctuations in demand and system requirements are managed based on the needs of our clients.

…SkyCom’s Reputation for Success

We are known in the industry as a company that offers tailored solutions for businesses looking to outsource services, whether simple or complex. We work closely with our clients to assemble an efficient and effective outsourcing package. We employ industry veterans to manage the different aspects of business, so our customers can focus on their core work. Our business processing and call center group offers a range of services, including sales, tech support, customer support, appointment setting, reservations, patient intake, collections, back-office work and much more. We also offer omni-channel solutions, such as digital marketing, virtual assistants, and text and email support, and back-office services, like transcription, data collection, data entry and online research.

SkyCom’s Achievements

Expanding our operations in El Salvador to add a new site in San Salvador. The new building, which features 800 workspaces, is located in front of the U.S. Embassy, the second largest in Latin America.

Exponential growth in our healthcare vertical. Our clients include some of the largest hospitals and clinics in the U.S.

Partnerships with some of the largest BPOs in the U.S.

Skycom Helps Governments across Latin America draft new work-from-home laws.

SkyCom announces its new IT support center in Latin America for 2020. The center features live tracking and gives 24/7 support to work-from-home agents.

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