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Outsourcing in the Travel and Tourism Industry

The increased demand for travel, tours and hotels has significantly increased competition among travel, tourism and hospitality companies. This translates into more customer service calls, emails and live chats in an industry that already requires extensive customer interaction.


Cost efficiency, as well as the use of the latest technologies are more important than ever to improve competitiveness and increased customer loyalty.


The travel and tourism industry has an enormous global economic impact of trillions of dollars. The hotel sector alone generates around 500 billion US dollars each year. By outsourcing to SkyCom Call Center companies gain access to low cost, best-in-class, customer centered solutions.


Key Trends in the Industry

Online Options Driving Growth

Online channels such as internet, social and mobile have not only shifted a good amount of sales, but have also added to the overall sales volume. In the industry today, online travel agencies are among the leading travel intermediaries. Traditional agencies are investing heavily in these digital channels and interacting with customers through them.  


The data that these channels generate enable a clearer understanding of customers and what influences loyalty. Flexibility, reach, cost and customer preferences are also major drivers behind this behavior.


Technology Can Be Empowering

Today, with a smartphone or other type of handheld device, the entire travel cycle can be literally done in the customer’s hand. From research, planning, comparing, confirming and tracking – the customer can do it all without assistance from an agent.


Providing Personalized Services

Travelers are not looking for services; they want experiences. Studies have shown that businesses that focus on customer demands, personalization and authenticity will gain positive reviews, social likes, word of mouth recommendations and loyalty.


Customers need to be understood and feel like their needs are being addressed personally regardless whether they are booking a flight, hotel, tour package or cruise. They may inquire about the availability of hotels, safest mode of transportation and other particulars they may feel are relevant. Being able to cater to their needs increases your credibility and brand image.


Outsourcing to a call center provides your customers with real time responses, expert knowledge and multilingual agents.


Outsourced Travel and Tourism Solutions

By working with an outsourcing services provider like SkyCom, your company will gain access to low-cost, best-in-class customer-centric solutions.


While companies must focus on their core responsibilities, an outside specialist with the resources and technology can boost your value and position your company ahead of the competition.


Competitive Edge

Outsourcing specialists can help travel companies capture a greater share of the market through a variety of methods like appropriate up-selling and cross-selling initiatives in call center operations (information requests, airline booking, car reservations & hotel booking, etc.) and sophisticated data and analytics to improve strategic decision making.


Superior Customer Service

Service quality is of utmost importance for any business operating in the travel and tourism industry. Our commitment to crafting a beautiful customer experience is unquestionable. The goal is to reinforce a positive, lasting image of your brand on each and every customer contact.


Improved Focus

By allowing an outsourcing partner to perform your non-core activities you can focus on your strategic business functions like developing new products.


Cost Containment

Outsourcing allows for substantial savings on recruiting, training and maintaining technical equipment and hardware. Saving money for your business matters a lot and outsourcing can help you to reduce costs by 40% – 70%.


Process Streamlining

A nice thing about outsourcing is that procedures and processes are already in place. Customer experiences and interactions are evaluated constantly.


Multilingual Agents

The importance of providing multilingual support cannot be denied. For example, Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world, following English and Mandarin. Therefore, it is critical for any business to have the capability to reach this large segment of consumers.


We understand that it might not be possible to hire staff that speaks multiple languages. At SkyCom, you’ll find cost-effective outsourced Native Spanish (as well as other languages) call center solutions that will enable you to tap into the huge business potential that the Spanish Community offers.



Many companies are finding it necessary to provide 24/7 services to their clients and the travel industry is no exception. Travel schedules are prone to last minute or sudden changes. Outsourcing ensures that your customers are never more than a call, email or chat away from assistance, no matter the time of day.



We all know the old saying that time is money. It can be argued this is truer for tourism and travel companies. Outsourcing can help your business to operate more efficiently, and in turn improve your profits. Our ability to coordinate with customers, identify their needs and provide them with the most relevant information results in an increased satisfaction level among your customers.


What Customers Want

For any traveler, a worry free trip begins long before taking a seat on an airplane or setting foot in a hotel. Transparency is a must when regarding all expenses and services, with no last minute surprises in availability, billing or scheduling.


Transform Your Methods of Interaction

Outsourcing service providers can differentiate themselves by how they manage the interplay of the channels customers use. With a seamless integration of these channels into a single omni-channel, the customer experience is enhanced, resulting in customer retention, more profits, and a better lifetime value of the customer. The ability to track customer interactions across multiple channels in a single integrated view it priceless.


  • Voice – By far the best option for complex transactions and those customers who are less technically inclined. Voice provides quick resolution across the entire lifecycle of the travel process and continues to be the go to option when it comes to cross-sells and upselling.


  • Web – Customers are increasingly turning to self-service options on the Web. The Web provides easy to access info, end-to-end options and quick and easy transactions. Analytics derived from the web provide the ability to personalize and pre-empt a customer’s needs. The only drawback of the Web is the lack of personal touch and it is difficult to control abandon rates. AI and personalization can help make up for the latter.


  • Chat – Chat can be beneficial by helping to drive sales conversions and lowering costs. The integration of chat into mobile apps provides an enhanced customer engagement. There is no need to wade through complex IVR systems and facilitates quick resolution of customer queries.


  • Email – The perfect option for travel updates, exchanging documents, or addressing non-urgent inquiries. Although the importance of email is declining as the messaging interfaces are quickly replacing their necessity. Although, this channel can still be a useful method in regards to outbound sales and customer acquisition.


  • Social – The world is using social more than ever. They use it to write reviews, tweet about their experience, see and read about others customers’ experiences, and influence potential customers.


The importance of maintaining your reputation and keeping an eye on social media has become imperative in the travel and tourism industry. Utilizing this channel for its ability to influence brand recognition and drive sales is becoming a must for many companies.


  • Mobile – The benefits of mobile sites and apps cannot be overlooked because of their ability to identify customers, track their likes and dislikes and provide personalized offers. The incorporation of location based services, individual preferences and mobile payments, brand connection, loyalty and revenue only further enhance the usefulness of this channel.


Enhancing and leveraging this channel is an investment must for travel companies in order to remain competitive. Mobile is quickly becoming the fastest growing channel within the industry.


Travel and Tourism Industry Services:

  • Multilingual customer service
  • Itinerary research and planning
  • Customer Sales/Bookings and Reservations
  • Assisting customers with transaction and payment problems
  • 24/7 inbound customer service for tour operators
  • Multi-channel support: Phone, email, website inquiries and live chat
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Changes and cancellation
  • Special requests


Direction for the Future

Everyone dreams of a seamless, trouble-free getaway. While we can ensure that the end result is a perfect customer experience, we also focus on the processes behind it all and the methods that result in the desired outcome. Our ability to personalize service within the context of a traveler’s immediate situation, helps drive higher conversion rates, superior customer experience, and improved customer loyalty. The opportunities out there are endless. Let’s talk!


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