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Telephone Support

A customer spent hundreds of dollars on one of your company’s products and he is anxious to set it up and use it, but he’s having difficulty doing so. Frustrated, he calls the 1-800 number in the customer-support section of the owner’s manual. After being greeted by an automated voice message and guessing his way through a confusing menu of options, he’s put on hold for an hour. The music is hideous. Finally, he speaks to a customer-service representative who doesn’t know anything about the product and whose accent is so strong he can’t understand what he or she is saying.

Experiences like this are all too common, and they can cause customers to lose faith in a company and take their business elsewhere. Avoid that scenario by working with SkyCom Outsourcing, which has a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to handling customer-service calls.
SkyCom has a large, well-trained staff and we closely monitor key performance indicators and customer-satisfaction metrics to assure that we provide quality service. We also have a proven, high-tech system of handling calls. Queries are quickly assessed and diagnosed by subject-matter experts, and a ticketing system tracks a case until it’s resolved.

We provide inbound and outbound telephone support to a variety of business verticals, including health care, tech, financial and sales, at a reasonable price. We are a nearshore call center, so we’re in the same time zones as the United States, and our employees are familiar with American culture and speak English fluently. You can also visit and get to know your SkyCom team members without too much trouble.
Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest! Work with a team of professionals that is trained to handle customer-service calls and to solve problems, and to do it in a timely and friendly fashion.

To learn more about SkyCom Outsourcing’s telephone-support options, please contact our vice president of sales Roger Falkenstein at 1-855-337-6601 or


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