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Telecom BPO Services

For a company to be able to retain a competitive edge in the ever-changing telecommunications industry it is important to be able to focus on the increasing demand for connectivity, addressing security issues and product development. Due to the fierce competition among telecom companies and ever increasing operating expenses, outsourcing has become a viable option to cut costs and remain competitive.


Outsourcing to SkyCom Call Center will ensure your company has the ability to build on your core capabilities while ensuring that key processes are being delivered efficiently. We provide cost-effective BPO services for businesses that provide services related to traditional local and long distance phone services, wireless, cable, broadband internet, DSL and satellite TV.


Companies that can benefit from our services include cable companies, fixed line operators, mobile network operators/wireless service providers, internet service providers, broadcaster and others.


Trends show that smaller telecommunications companies are more likely to outsource part of their operational strategies than their larger counterparts. This is due mainly to the fact that smaller companies need to cut costs in order to remain competitive with larger companies.


By outsourcing, smaller companies are able to lower costs and devote more capital to product development in an effort to attract consumers and build their niche in the national marketplace.


With all that said, it does not mean that larger companies in the telecommunications industry cannot benefit from outsourcing. The difference is that larger companies are outsourcing in order to establish their presence in foreign markets, while smaller companies outsource as more of a cost cutting measure.


SkyCom BPO Support Services

  • Call Center Outsourcing Services including Order Validation, Technical Support/Help Desk, Sales and Customer Acquisition, Email Management, Live Chat, Payment and Collections Services, Customer Retention, Welcome Calls, Mobile and Wireless Support, Device Related Troubleshooting, Call Overflow, Cancellation Requests and more
  • Back Office Services including Catalog Management, Data Mining, Data Entry, Data Mining, Form Processing and Management, Customer Database Management, Inventory management and more
  • Finance and Accounting Services including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll Processing, Customer Billing Processing and more
  • eCommerce Support Services including Order Processing, Product Information Management, Finance and Accounting, Digital Marketing, Digital Photo Editing Services and more
  • Digital Marketing Services including Email Marketing, Content Writing and more

Outsource to SkyCom and Get an Edge

Increased Operating Efficiencies – Outsourcing to SkyCom will give you the peace of mind that tasks are being taken care of by well-trained, dedicated professionals whose priorities are speed and accuracy. Goal related results will be delivered in a manner that is pre-defined and on a consistent basis. Outsourcing will allow your internal employees to focus on core processes while improving your customer experience and innovating new business models.


Customization – Understanding your challenges and requirements is key to developing a Service Level Agreement. To ensure that the desired results align with your business objectives we customize our services as per your specific needs.


Improved Customer Experience – The satisfaction of your customers can be affected by service levels, customer service and a variety of other factors. By outsourcing with SkyCom you have the ability to streamline the customer experience and all related aspects. Our highly responses will help build customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Technological Superiority – Eradicate the necessity to invest in expensive in-house technology and spend on its maintenance. SkyCom employs only the best technology to facilitate the delivery of your desired results to your business.


Best Practices – With more than 10 years industry experience, we have the know-how to facilitate our client’s needs in order to achieve success. We adhere to global best practices to deliver the best possible results for your telecommunications business. Metrics and Key Performance Indicators ensure that all your outsourced processes are fined tuned in order to deliver the tight outcome.


Outsourcing Benefits

Lowering operational costs plays a large role in allowing businesses in the U.S. to remain competitive in an ever-changing consumer market. Outsourcing also allows companies to keep their operations open 24/7/365 with customer service and technical support lines manned by professional agents available in different time zones. This means that companies will always have fresh and rested workers on the line on a constant basis.


The Path to Unlocking Your Potential

Our team of experts work as an extension of your company and helps to unlock your full potential. Telecommunications outsourcing services are made up of a wide range of services such as call center outsourcing, finance and accounting outsourcing, billing operations outsourcing and many other core and non-core processes.



With extensive experience in delivering BPO services and industry specific expertise, our experts know how to find the correct solution to your business challenge.


All Around Customized Solutions

SkyCom provides end-to-end customized business processes to optimize services across all major business functions


Scalable – Punctual Delivery

We possess the capabilities to scale up or scale down services as required by a client’s needs, always ensuring continuity and on-time completion of any project


Continuity of Services

Our infrastructure and technology systems and processes provide business continuity in case of an emergency situation.


Trained Personnel

With our manpower and superior knowledge of the industry we are in position to help you achieve your goals


Quality and Compliance

Our sites are built to Class A standards and are both PCI and HIPAA compliant. We also have a IDCA certified data center on each site. We are in compliance with ISO 27001 and adhere to strictly to quality standards as per ISO 9001:2008, in each and every process, translating to high quality services.


Motivators for Outsourcing

Cost reduction – reduce wastage and redundancy, gaining overall reduction in costs.

Ability to focus on core processes – free up internal time and resources and refocus on your core processes

Talent pool – gain access to specialized talent without having to retain them internally

Better customer experiences – improved communication with customers due to a more efficient and effective telecommunications system.


We Aim To Please

Telecom companies are finding it necessary to constantly evolve in order to enhance customer experience and reduce customer turnover. This is where SkyCom steps in. With our end-to-end business process management, we enable telecommunications companies to transform their value while addressing multiple challenges.


Our solutions provide superior value using the perfect mix of analytics, infrastructure, technology and good old simple know how to help our clients to achieve and sustain efficient costs and growth strategies. We have solutions tailored to fit the requirements of each client. Cal us at +1 855 337 6601 to find out more.


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