Healthcare revenue cycle

Healthcare revenue cycle

With the U.S. healthcare industry is suffering from reduced reimbursements and increased operational costs, providers are having to focus on building efficient and cost effective revenue cycle operations. We service all U.S. health care entities, to include hospitals, physician groups, third party vendors and payers with full spectrum revenue cycle services.

We can reduce your collection costs up to 50% with our nearshore operational teams. For every one revenue cycle FTE in the U.S., we can quickly staff multiple FTE’s on our end at a competitive price and provide you with the expanded bandwidth you need.

Our staff is bilingual and hence able to serve your clients in the language they feel more comfortable with. Our nearshore team is trained by top U.S. revenue cycle professionals and able to provide the same revenue cycle services as any other U.S based operations. We are HIPPA and PCI compliant and operate in Class A facilities with best in class technology and security protocols.

Listed below are the services we currently provide:

  • Patient Intake
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Patient Care Assessments
  • Patient Care Follow-up
  • Patient Pre-Registration
  • Mobile SMS – Self Pay Technology
  • Verification of Insurance Benefits
  • Insurance Eligibility 24 hours prior to treatment
  • Financial Assistance Screening for Medicaid (pre and post billing)
  • Insurance Pre-Certification (Authorizations)
  • Billing Claims (Electronic Claims)
  • 277 Response Follow-up
  • Claim Follow-up (all major payer customer service locations in Philippines)
  • Medical Record – Documentation Requests
  • Small Balance Recovery
  • Cash Posting (posting payments from EOB to patient accounting system)
  • CRM Data Entry

We have experience in working with leading industry systems, including but not limited to Epic, NextGen, Allscripts, Epremis, RelayHealth, Collaborate MD and AS400. We are also familiar with online web portals like Availity, Navinet, Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare to list a few.

To find out more on how SkyCom can help improve your bottom line please call us on (844) 240-0079 from the U.S. or fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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Luis Nicot

Luis Nicot


Luis joined SkyCom in 2016 and was a director for Outsourcing Services in Accenture for many years. He lead the biggest customers in Accenture and saw the opportunity to grow the outsourcing company he always dreamed of.

Healthcare revenue cycle
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