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Returns and Refunds

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time a customer purchased a product, it was exactly what he or she needed and wanted and it functioned flawlessly for several years or longer? Indeed, it would be. But that is not reality, in the past and certainly not today. In this busy, modern world, people purchase things “on the fly” and often online, and returns and refunds are inevitable.

Given that, and the importance of returns and refunds to overall customer satisfaction, doesn’t it make sense to prioritize returns and refunds, to make them more than a burden and an afterthought? They are, after all, the last impression many customers have of your company.

Of course it makes sense to prioritize returns and refunds—and the easy and affordable way to do it is by working with SkyCom Outsourcing. SkyCom is a mid-sized, nearshore call center that offers a wealth of experience and expertise in returns and refunds. We have safe, modern facilities, and our state-of-the-art technology allows us to smoothly integrate and oversee every aspect of the R&R process.

SkyCom is an omnichannel call center; we utilize voice, email, chat and text to ensure that customers receive timely and accurate returns and refunds support.

Some of the many returns and refunds support services we offer include:
• Handling returns
• Handling refunds
• Handling exchanges
• Receiving and administering payments
• Handling complaints and disputes
• Conducting customer surveys related to the R&R process

Don’t leave a bad last impression on customers. Don’t tarnish your reputation. Let SkyCom Outsourcing handle and streamline the returns and refunds process for you. Our experienced, well-trained staff will ensure that your customers are content, your staff has more free time to focus on other areas and you remain under budget.

To learn more about SkyCom Outsourcing’s returns and refunds services, please contact our vice president of sales Roger Falkenstein at 1-855-337-6601 or

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