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Political Calling

Political Calling

There isn’t a more efficient way to reach out to supporters and donors than by calling them personally. One of the most critical tools in every campaign’s repertoire is the call center. Of course, candidates will use a variety of methods to get out the word about themselves including, canvassing, emails and social media. All these methods are not without merit, but call centers remain a central role in most campaigns’ overall strategies.

Not all parties running a political campaign find themselves with a substantial budget for a fully staffed, internal outbound call center, and that is where the outsourcing of political calling comes in. Outsourcing political calling provides candidates with a cost effective and modern method with which to approach to voters.

Gain Name Recognition Before Election-Day

Political calling is one of the best ways to gain name recognition. It’s also a great way to survey constituents, to better understand what is most important to them before elections.

SkyCom’s Political Calling Call Center Solutions for political campaigns can be used for the following:

  • Political Polling
  • Public Opinion Polling
  • “Get Out the Vote”
  • Campaign Fundraising
  • Persuasion Polling
  • Volunteer Notification
  • Event Notification
  • And More….

 Not knowing what to look for when choosing a call center can feel overwhelming. You want a call center that is going to effectively help you meet your objectives. And that is exactly what you can trust us to do for you. We have the expertise and capacity to handle all your political call center needs with the integrity and dedication you would expect from an industry leader.

Is Outsourcing Your Political Calling Needs Worth It?

You might be surprised by the amount of money hopeful politicians spend on political telemarketing. During the first six months of President Obama’s re-election effort, his campaign spent a staggering 3.3 million on telemarketing. It is not an exaggeration to say that any campaign will spend nearly 65% of their money on phone solicitation alone.

SkyCom Political Calling Essential Features & Functionalities

  1. Scalability – SkyCom has the ability to add or remove agents quickly and seamlessly to meet the required service level goals, ensuring that there is never a break in service
  2. Call Dispositioning – After agents finish calls, disposition codes allow them record how it went. This allows us to know if the recipient should be called again.
  3. Call Recording – Because our agents serve as representatives for campaigns, it is absolutely necessary that their representation is of the highest quality. Call recording provides assurance that agents meeting standards by the monitoring of their calls
  4. Data Quantity – We have the ability to relate to you what voters are thinking within hours of your campaign launch. Our team can collect over 100,000 responses per day (depending on the size of the team). Calls can be made 7 days a week during the hours of your choosing.
  5. Cost – We will work with you to implement the best solution for your needs at the most cost-effective price.

Additional Benefits

  • Rapid Implementation
  • Optimal use of all resources resulting in increased efficiency
  • Target voters with your message, provide them with all relevant political information and provide valuable data to contribute to your campaign’s success
  • Save money on marketing costs
  • Robust reporting

Political Telemarketing is Critical to the Success of any Campaign

From our perspective, the importance of political marketing is imperative to any campaign’s success. If you lack a call center or need to implement election call center services for an upcoming election, then the choice is easy. SkyCom’s call center platform is the answer to enhancing your campaigns political calling needs.

Our combination of cutting-edge technology and professionally managed political telemarketing team maximizes results and lightens the load of any campaign team by tapping into thousands of potential votes

Our powerful platform is already utilized across a wide range of industries, both private and public. If you need political telemarketing assistance, or other call center assistance, go with the winning candidate and contact SkyCom Call center today. +1 855 337 6601


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