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Order Management And Processing

A customer orders a product from your company. The delivery of the product was scheduled for Monday, but it’s Wednesday and it still has not arrived. Angry and confused, the customer contacts your company to find out what’s going on. Unfortunately, the customer-service representative doesn’t seem to know anymore about the product and its delivery than the customer and, to make matters worse, is rude.

When your company is small, it’s fairly easy to take and track orders. However, as it grows, this process becomes more and more complex. Don’t let it overwhelm you, distract you from what you do best and, worst of all, tarnish your reputation and cause you to lose customers. Work with someone who has the experience and technology to deftly handle myriad orders—from their placement to shipping to arriving in the customer’s hand.

SkyCom Outsourcing is a mid-sized, nearshore call center that offers a wealth of experience and expertise in order management and processing. We have safe, modern facilities, and our state-of-the-art technology allows us to synchronize and streamline the ordering process. We strive to remove human error from the equation. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong with an order, we have the staff and technology to quickly rectify the situation.

SkyCom is an omnichannel call center. This means that we utilize voice, email, chat and text to ensure that customers receive strong order-management and processing support.

Some of the many order-management and processing services we provide include:
• Processing orders
• Handling payments (we are PCI certified!)
• Monitoring fraud
• Keeping inventory
• Tracking deliveries
• Contacting customers

Grow your business without becoming overwhelmed and, at the same time, cut costs! Work with a team of professionals that is trained to handle order management and processing, and to do it in an efficient and professional fashion.

To learn more about SkyCom Outsourcing’s order management and processing services, please contact our vice president of sales Roger Falkenstein at 1-855-337-6601 or


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