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Financial services


Financial Industry


Financial Services Outsourcing

Today outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular as a means of both reducing costs and achieving strategic aims. Financial institutions are responding to emerging trends and consumer demands by supplementing internal resources in order to address skill gaps and strengthen core business processes.


In the face of today’s highly competitive landscape, marked by strict regulations where clear communication to customers plays a vital role, SkyCom Call Center can provide flexible solutions around marketing programs, regulation changes or any other peaks that might occur to ensure you are always there for your customers when they need you.


Placing your customers in the hands of a professional financial services outsourcing partner like SkyCom is a fiscally smart way to improve efficiency, increase scalability and streamline operational processes. Our efficient service encourages company growth by reducing overhead costs and producing long-term loyal customers.


Providing an Exceptional Financial Services Call Center

SkyCom’s varied experience within the financial services industry has prepared our bilingual agents to navigate working with a company in a multitude of different capacities. Our agents can help boost customer satisfaction and retention, thereby increasing trust and loyalty. We are careful to hire, train and manage specific types of agents who are best qualified to staff our teams for financial clients. Our agents have the have the skills, the educations and industry knowledge to assist customers with in-depth questions about operations, business and their accounts. We recognize that error free interactions are of the utmost importance, especially when dealing with customers of our banking and finance clients.


Services provided:

Sales Support

Call Transfers

Customer Service

Lead Qualification

Client Inquiries

Client Retention

Appointment Setting

Lead Generation

Reservation Confirmation


Skycom Financial Services and Benefits

SkyCom has the ability to partner with a variety of financial services firms, ranging from insurance agents, mortgage lenders, to banks, to deliver inbound customer support, including, but not limited to directory assistance, virtual receptionist’s tasks, account overviews and product lead generation. We can be relied on to handle payment processing, upsell product renewals, process new application and onboard new members. And of course, all financial BPO services are fully compliant with industry regulations, allowing for complete customer trust.


In spite of the challenges the Finance Industry faces delivering superior, end to end customer experiences, today’s consumers expect financial firms to provide personalized attention, first call resolution and comprehensive product offerings. A customer’s experience can be the most important factor in staying with or leaving a financial services provider. Although modern technology has automated many of the business processes in financial services, providing customers with instant access to account balances and deposits can be made with the click of a button. Customers, when they reach out to customer service, want an agent who has the time to review their concerns and the knowledge to provide them with their best options.


We understand that your success depends on results and our expertise is built on performance. You will work closely with a dedicated BPO account manager to develop a strategy based on your goals and key performance indicators. SkyCom is a technologically advanced call center allowing for seamless integration of our systems with your internal servers and CRM software to manage interactions. We also support a wide variety of communication platforms from social media to email management to live chat that will allow you to be available 24 hours a day.


Skycom Call Center

Financial services providers face a highly-competitive landscape marked by strict regulations where clear communication to customers play a vital role.

We provide customer service for your daily needs and can provide flexible solutions around marketing programs, regulation changes or any other peaks that might occur to ensure you are always there for your customers when they need you. Another important aspect in the financial services world is understending the nuances with experienced agents. The agents we employ have more than 10 years of experience in the financial services and sales world.

Our state of the art data center is equipped with multi level security through firewalls and encrypted connections keeping your data safe and secure.

We understand the sensitivity of data in the financial services industry and take pride in the security of our systems. We are also PCI compliant being able to process any payments your customers would need to make.

To learn more about services we could offer to your industry please visit our ‘services’ section, call us at +1 855 337 6601 from the U.S. or fill out the form below and our BPO financial manager will be in touch shortly.