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At SkyCom Call Center we believe that providing an excellent customer experience begins with great customer service specialists. The key to building a successful business is cultivating loyal customers who believe in your company and your product. Our specialists will feel like a true extension of your company by providing your customers with the professionalism and knowledge they expect for a truly exceptional customer experience. In a sense, your customers become our customers, and we are certain you will agree that your customers deserve that one-on-one personal attention.


Skycom has over 10 years providing top of the line customer care/support services for a variety of different industries. In a sense, your customers become our customers, and we are certain you will agree that your customers deserve that one-on-one personal attention. SkyCom has the agent talent and management experience to provide the outsourcing solution you need. These factors aide in our ability to provide higher first call resolution rates, as well as a more pleasant experience for your customer.


Save Money by Outsourcing

SkyCom believes that with transparency, responsiveness and knowledge sharing as the key focus, together, with our clients we can ensure a seamless operation. By partnering with us you can minimize in-house facility and technology investments by outsourcing your customer care needs to us. We will be there for you and your customers 24/7.


One thing that sets SkyCom apart is the proximity of our nearshore locations which allows us to provide our clients with the greatest cost advantage while adhering to the highest quality standards that clients would expect from any partner.


Whether you have a steady flow of call volume and/or spikes in traffic, rest assured that SkyCom Call Center can exceed your quality care expectations. Our expertise in running a customer care call center covers a variety of industries and applications. Our proficiency in the industry is often the secret weapon our clients tap to achieve customer retention rates that drive revenue and carve out market share. In the end our customer service formula will benefit your customers in an affordable, flexible outsourced customer service call center platform.


Our Tools

SkyCom Call Center can adapt to your systems and requirements to provide seamless integration between our businesses. The goal is to allow you to continue in your established workflow with the minimum of modifications.


More Features….

Need Sales Support? We Got You!

Send your sales inquiries our way and our team of highly trained agents will provide the type of top notch service that will have the customers lined up to buy.


Our team can identify cross-sell/upsell opportunities when interacting with your customers. We can make the sale or we can warm transfer to one of your sales pros.


Bilingual Call Center Services

There’s probably a good chance that not all of your customers speak English. No problem! SkyCom can provide native speakers of English, Spanish, French or Portuguese. Our agents are well known for having neutral sounding accents in both English and Spanish. A recognizable accent relaxes callers and can make for a more productive interaction.


IT Support Services and Solutions

At times products, services fail at times. Here at SkyCom we can help resolve these issues and help to retain customers. Our reps will recognize the degree of urgency, open a trouble ticket or escalate calls to your appropriate staff member in the format of your choosing. 


Key Benefits

  • Affordable
  • Zero staffing overhead costs
  • Flexible & Tailored to your budget
  • 24/7 Availability across all time zones
  • Programs to benefit any business size
  • PCI and HIPAA compliant
  • IDCA certified data center at each of our sites


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Daniel Quevedo

Daniel Quevedo


Danny has a strong process oriented background with an engineering degree from University of Waterloo and 10 years in various positions in the industry. He passionately leads his team holding SkyCom’s value of ‘respect’ close at heart and finds his drive in life from his family and playing sports.

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