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Debt Collection Services


Debt Collection Services Made Simple

Over the past decade or so, SkyCom has made a name for itself in providing superior, value added call center services to clients around the globe. Our debt recovery services are second to none and have have constantly provided reliable collection services to our clients.


It does not matter if you are an enterprise level CFO or a small business owner, SkyCom understands that managing debt collection as an in-house process is extremely difficult. Fortunately, we have made outsourcing debt recovery easier than ever.


Why Outsource Debt Collection Services to SkyCom

SkyCom’s Debt Collection Specialists undergo vigorous training to equip them with the skills to understand the circumstances of your customer and sensitively deal with their situation. Our established approach for debt collections ensures that importance is given to both our client and their customer so that the reputation of your brand is never negatively affected. We ensure that our performance matches your requirements while you benefit from our exhaustive industry experience.


  • 40 – 50% Delinquency Rate Reduction
  • Customized Packages
  • Increased Profits
  • The Ability to Focus on Your Core Business Concerns
  • Contingency Based or Hourly Rates
  • Multilingual Specialists that Allow Your Customers to Communicate in the language they feel most comfortable with
  • Live Data Feed
  • Monthly Business Reviews
  • Live Monitoring
  • Access to Recordings


Debt Collection for Any Industry

SkyCom provides collection services to a variety of industries including:


  • Medical/HealthCare Practices
  • Education
  • Utilities
  • Credit Card Agencies
  • Personal Loan Firms
  • Legal Firms
  • And many more…


Our Collection Services Include:

  • Early and Late Stage Debt Collections – On your behalf we can contact customers and debtors who have defaulted on payment and provide them with options in debt restructuring
  • Dispute Management & Resolution – Our debt collection specialists are carefully trained for dispute management and resolution to ensure that the credibility of your business always remains intact
  • Data Validation and Customer Tracking – SkyCom can attempt to track down customers and debtors whose contact information has changed without notifying your business


We Believe in Complete Transparency

Throughout the entire collection process, we remain in constant contact with our clients providing daily reports based on the current status of the process. This allows for peace of mind and full transparency for our clients.


Outsourcing your debt collection needs to SkyCom ensures that your reputation is upheld and maintained as we act as an extension of your company. We believe that transparency is first and foremost when servicing our clients, and our process is built from the ground up keeping this philosophy in mind. 


Skycom has more than 15 years providing collection services for diferent industries. We work both on a HR rate or on contingency.

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Daniel Quevedo

Daniel Quevedo


Danny has a strong process oriented background with an engineering degree from University of Waterloo and 10 years in various positions in the industry. He passionately leads his team holding SkyCom’s value of ‘respect’ close at heart and finds his drive in life from his family and playing sports.

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Collection Services
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