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Billing Support

Customers, especially in tough times, are sensitive about their bills. Many of them view the bills closely, studying the billing period, the due date and, of course, the balance. This can lead to myriad questions: Was my previous balance really that high? Why is there an extra fee charge? Is this new balance possibly correct?

Inquiries of this nature can cripple a company’s customer-service center. Why not let experienced professionals handle these queries, so your staff can focus on other areas?

SkyCom Outsourcing is a mid-sized, nearshore call center that offers a wealth of experience and expertise in billing support. We have safe, modern facilities, and our state-of-the-art technology allows us to smoothly integrate and oversee the billing process. SkyCom is an omnichannel call center. This means that we utilize voice, email, chat and text to ensure that customers receive accurate and professional billing support.

Some of the many billing-support services we provide include:
• Address confirmation
• Receiving payments
• Managing promotions
• Upselling
• Handling complaints and disputes
• Arranging payment plans
• Contacting clients whose payments are overdue

Billing-support inquiries are among the most common received by customer-service centers. If these queries are mishandled, it can lead to customer frustration, additional hours of work for your staff and even lost customers. The solution is simple: Let SkyCom Outsourcing handle these inquiries for you. Our experienced, well-trained staff will assure that your customers are content, your staff has more free time and that you remain under budget.

To learn more about SkyCom Outsourcing’s billing-support services, please contact our vice president of sales Roger Falkenstein at 1-855-337-6601 or


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