Back Office Services

Back Office Services

Whether you are an ecommerce, retail, wholesale business, selling to consumers or other businesses we are here to help.

With our back office services your clients can easily place their orders with us or get the help needed to complete a purchase if they got stuck on the journey.

Tracking the fulfilment of your order is very important and we have developed our own CRM system to ensure that your consumers can enjoy a seamless purchase journey.

Alternatively we can also train our agents in your system if you prefer.

Using information you provide, we can answer basic questions about your products all for a fraction of the cost you would spend setting up an internal order taking department.

We are also PCI compliant and can take payments for your products or services securing the sales directly when in contact with your client.

Having customer service available not only by phone but also with a chat function on your website helps remove barriers to purchase and increase sales.

Our chat function is easy to install on your site allowing your clients to get instant support without having to lift their phone.

To find out more please call us on (844) 240-0079 from the U.S. or fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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Giovanni Scalia

Giovanni Scalia


Gio founded SkyCom and has been the company CEO ever since. He also manages the real estate portfolio and serves as board member for the Carbonell group. Giovanni sees his colleagues as extended family members and promotes family values in his business ventures. He spends his free time in his cabin or playing with one of his 2 dogs.

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Back Office Services
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