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Back Office Services

Back Office Services

Ensure Process Improvement and Cost Reduction with SkyCom

If you’re overwhelmed by medical transcription or data entry, or maybe you need data cleaning or formatting work, no matter the service – SkyCom can make it happen. We are true industry professionals with a deep understanding of back office outsourcing and have the resources to put top quality, cost effective agents to work for you today. Get ready to focus on your core business… instead of your back office processing.


SkyCom Back Office Serices- The Name You Can Depend On

Back office tasks are an integral part of a company’s core business process. At Skycom, we understand that in order to outsource these tasks, one must be able to trust that these tasks will be performed not only more efficiently or at a lower cost, but with the same or higher level of quality than they would be performed in-house. As a highly flexible nearshore outsourcing company that operates in multiple languages and provides service from several offices across North and Central America, SkyCom takes pride in being one of the leading BPO service providers for businesses located in the region. What’s more, SkyCom also upholds a largely client centered approach based on the establishment of mutual trust, complete transparancey and the development of tailor made services that best fit each clients’ needs and requirements. Going back now more than 10 years, SkyCom has collaborated with numerous companies, providing a wide range of back office services – we’d love to have the opportunity to work with you.


Back Office Services Offered:

  • Transcription – Transcribing audio and voice recording can take hours of employee time, becoming an expensive necessity. Transcription outsourcing is a cost-effective alternative to performing the task in-house
  • Data Cleansing – Databases need maintenance periodically. SkyCom can remove duplicate and invalid records, add missing variables and details, interlink multiple data sources and so on to ensure data quality
  • Legal Documentation – We can serve as an extension of your in-house legal department, providing additional capabilities to conduct legal research, create contracts, process legal documents, and more. We also offer detail-oriented third-party verification services
  • Online Research – Conduct online research to develop competitive information or search the internet to develop a database. Outsourcing can be the best way to complete tasks like these quickly and efficiently
  • Image Data Entry – If you deal with images or have image banks, tasks such as image sorting, data capture from images, image indexing, image merging and editing, image conversion and image data entry can be outsourced to our specialists
  • Product Data Entry – Tasks such as adding product descriptions, features and specifications, adding images for products, organizing products according to categories and subcategories, adding prices for products and data entry for online catalogs can be outsourced
  • Application Processing – The sheer volume of applications received by a company can be overwhelming. Outsourcing the process of reviewing and/or approving various types of applications can save your company money and time
  • Invoice/Purchase Order Data Entry – Significant pressure can be relieved from your accounting team when data entry from invoices and purchase orders, credit and debit memos are outsourced
  • Form Processing – Data processing of market research, insurance, medical, legal, registration, shipping, enrollment, and loyalty forms can all be outsourced
  • Document Formatting – Outsourcing tasks such as placing bookmarks and hyperlinks, inserting header and footer, caption numbering and labeling, and creating a table of contents, can deliver the right results
  • Data Conversion – This scope of outsourcing includes: HTML and XML conversion, eBook conversion, document conversion, PDF conversion and more

Our Back Office services extend to but are not limited to industries such as:





Manufacturing and Chemical

Travel and Hospitality

Media & Entertainment




Hire The Best Back Office Call Center

Saving money and cutting costs isn’t the only reason to outsource your back office needs. It is about increasing the efficiency of your internal employees, maximizing flexibility and gaining a competitive edge over your competition. Our back office agents are prepared to assist with your internal processes, eliminating human resources issues or technology glitches. Now is the time to enlist world class outsourcing services and you need not look any further than SkyCom Call Center!


Whether you are an ecommerce, retail, wholesale business, selling to consumers or other businesses we are here to help.

With our back office services your clients can easily place their orders with us or get the help needed to complete a purchase if they got stuck on the journey.

Tracking the fulfilment of your order is very important and we have developed our own CRM system to ensure that your consumers can enjoy a seamless purchase journey.

Alternatively we can also train our agents in your system if you prefer.

Using information you provide, we can answer basic questions about your products all for a fraction of the cost you would spend setting up an internal order taking department.

We are also PCI compliant and can take payments for your products or services securing the sales directly when in contact with your client.

Having customer service available not only by phone but also with a chat function on your website helps remove barriers to purchase and increase sales.

Our chat function is easy to install on your site allowing your clients to get instant support without having to lift their phone.

To find out more please call us on (844) 240-0079 from the U.S. or fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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