About Us

Business process innovators.

SkyCom Business Process Innovators have over 15 years  helping businesses of all sizes become more efficient and lower operational costs. SkyCom started operations in Canada when its founder’s saw a need to create a quality outsourcing company that could help Canadian corporations lower costs while keeping great customer satisfaction. Skycom is now know to provide the best value proposition with talented agents, technology and price point.

WHY SKYCOM? SkyCom has a wide variety of options: Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore business process outsourcing (BPO). We are located in the best outsourcing cities around the world to ensure quality and competitive costs structure to our customers.

SkyCom has experienced staff in various verticals. Each agent goes trough a lengthy industry certification process. SkyCom also has American industry veterans on each of our call centers around the globe.  SkyCom main command center is in Miami Fl were we monitor all agents KPIs. Our proprietary software lets us Hire, Manage and track every aspect of our Onsite and work form home staff.

Some of our locations outside the US:



Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI)  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) IDCA Certified Data Center – ITI Design is a certification program aimed at certifying specific IT infrastructure design within a data center node. ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems.


SkyCom has a large percentage of US English native speakers in each vertical. Our agents are required to have minimum of 5 years of experience and a high level of English proficiency to be a part of our family.  SkyCom is not only a call center. We are a center of business process innovation (BPI).


Our IT team understands our clients business acumen and tailors solutions to suit each individual project.  We assure secure transactions and uninterrupted operations. Fluctuations in demand & system requirements are managed based on your needs.

 SkyComs Reputation For Success

We are know in the industry to offer tailored solutions for businesses looking to outsource different services, from simple to complex processes.   We work closely with you to tailor an outsourcing package that works efficiently. SkyCom employs industry veterans to manage the different lines of business so our customers can focus in their core business. Our business processing and call center group offers a range of services including sales, Tech support, customer support, appointment setting, reservations, patient intake, collections, back office and much more. We also offer omni-channel solutions such as digital marketing, virtual assistants, text & email support along with back office services such as transcription, data collection, data entry & online research.

SkyCom’s Achievements

– Expanding our operations in El Salvador to add a new site in San Salvador. The new building with 800 seats the New building is     located in front of the US Embassy, the second largest in Latin America.

– Exponential growth in our healthcare vertical. Our clients include some of the largest hospitals and clinics in the US.

– Partnerships with some of the largest BPOs in the US our partners now using SkyCom to add further value to their offerings.

– Skycom Helps Governments across Latin America draft new work form home laws.  

– Skycom announces their New IT support center in Latin America for 2020 to keep live tracking and give 24/7 support to their        work from home agents. 

“We did a lot of research before we decided to outsource . As a medium sized company we needed to find the perfect partner willing to help us grow. We started with a small team, helping us to set KPIs, ramp up and deliver expected results. SkyCom has been the perfect partner for our company. We grew rapidly thanks to their team, processes and facilities. We are now more profitable thanks to SkyCom.”

Robert Wilson

CEO , All American Inc.

Our call centers around the world!