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A Modern Healthcare article dated 10/5/2017 reports that outsourcing patient interaction is paying off for many providers and payers across the country.  As well, vendors and vendor partners are in many cases better suited to manage certain processes than many provider and payer and provider based operations.

Skycom Healthcare is a FL incorporated end-to-end Revenue Cycle BPO nearshore operation with service centers in Central America.  We service all US health care entities, to include hospitals, physician groups, third party vendors and payers with full spectrum revenue cycle services. 

Our staff is 100% bilingual and trained by top US revenue cycle professionals.  We operate in Class A facilities with best in class technology with all appropriate certifications.   We are located only 2-6 hours from any major US airport.  Because of our low labor costs, we are able to reduce client operational and collection costs up to 50%.  For every one revenue cycle FTE in the US, we can quickly staff up to 4 FTE’s on our end for a lower price point and quickly provide you with the expanded bandwidth you need. 

Listed below are the services we currently provide:

  • Patient Intake
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Patient Care Assessments
  • Patient Care Follow-up
  • Patient Pre-Registration
  • Mobile SMS – Self Pay Technology
  • Verification of Insurance Benefits
  • Insurance Eligibility 24 hours prior to treatment
  • Financial Assistance Screening (pre and post billing)
  • Insurance Pre-Certification / Authorizations
  • Electronic Claim Billing
  • 277 Response Follow-up
  • Claim Follow-up
  • Small Balance Recovery
  • EOB Cash Posting
  • CRM Data Entry

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