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Our site in Guatemala City is equally impressive as our main site in El Salvador following the same principles of choosing a prime location in the city. The IT infrastructure with which the site operates is top of the line and it is HIPAA and PCI compliant all throughout. We incorporate 300 class “A” seats in this site and are able to increase our capacity to double with proper notice. We are located in building Las Conchas which is a trendsetting location for upscale office space.

Our call center services:

  • Tech Support: We Offer the best tech support services in our call center. Our workforce can troubleshoot and talk customers through most technical problems they would come across.
  • Customer Service: Our call center representatives are all well spoken with a neutral accent. They have exceptional listening skills and can make up for any problems the customer could present.
  • Business to Customer: We provide the very best in business to customer sales and services. Our multi-cultured staff will be able to provide insight into any target market you need to market to.
  • Business to Business: Our expert speakers can convey the tone and professionalism that every business should strive for.


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