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Our value proposition

Founded in 1999 in Miami, FL. our main focus is helping our customers lower their operational cost while increasing their outsourcing quality. Being an American company operating Nearshore call centers gives us an upper hand compared to our competitors.


IT security

We understand security comes on the top of your list so we take pride in our secure networks which are also PCI and HIPAA compliant.


Proximity to U.S mainland, operating in convenient timezones for your business needs and within no more than 5 hours distance to any major U.S. city.

Cost savings

By working with our nearshore teams your business can benefit from operational cost savings with high quality standards.


Process driven

We are a highly process driven organization adaptable to your business needs.

Dollarized economy

All our locations operate in a U.S. dollar economy so you need not worry about exchange rate fluctuations.



With our bilingual agents you don’t need to manage separate teams to deliver services in the language most convenient to your clients.


“We were expanding our business and hence looking for additional operational support when we came across SkyCom. They quickly showed us that they had the professionalism, skills and resources in place that we needed. With the proximity to the U.S. and the dollarized economy El Salvador was also strategically a perfect location for us.”

Elena Cozac

Operation Manager, Impro Corp

“By partnering up with SkyCom we have not only reduced our costs to less than half but have also managed to centralize all our initial patient contacts that was previously spread out across all our clinics. With SkyCom managing our Tier 1 patient care we have become more efficient and organised with our customer data.”

James Aviles

Director of Operations and Technology, Healthpointe

Our family

Daniel Quevedo

Daniel Quevedo


Danny has a strong process oriented background with an engineering degree from University of Waterloo and 10 years in various positions in the industry. He passionately leads his team holding SkyCom’s value of ‘respect’ close at heart and finds his drive in life from his family and playing sports.

Giovanni Scalia

Giovanni Scalia


Gio has run different companies and is based out of FL. He also manages real estate portfolios and serves as a board member for the Carbonell group one of the largest groups in Latin America. Giovanni also believes sees his colleagues as extended family members and promotes family values in his business ventures. He spends his free time in his cabin or playing with one of his 7 dogs.

Luis Nicot

Luis Nicot


Luis joined SkyCom in 2016 and is a seasoned revenue cycle consultant with over 30 years’ experience and holds an MBA in Healthcare Administration. He thrives on exceeding customer’s expectations and when not in the office he is riding his motorbike down US1 or playing some tunes on his guitar.

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