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Call Center

We have experts in most verticals and provice support for inbound, outbound, chat, collections and back office programs.

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Seat Leasing

Looking for a quick ramp up  without spending most of your time and money in setting up a facility in Central America ? 

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Skycom is the only call centre that helps other companies establish in latin america. since we know the learning curve can be costly in this industry!

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Nearshoring: You might find it surprising that most of our agents have traveled to the US or have lived there part of their life. Add to this that some countries in Central America have a dollarized economy and that we are in the same time zone, at only 2 hours away from Miami and 3 from Texas. The main idea is that your customers won’t even tell they are being answered outside of the US.

Nearshore Benefits

  • Direct flights from various cities in the US.
    Two hours from Miami FL and four hours from LA
  • Central Standard Time Zone
  • Dollarized economy since 2000
  • Discounted labor costs
  • High Bilingual Population – Spanish/English
  • BPO tax exemptions wich help lower costs
  • Low inflation – 3.5% per year
  • Reliable internet & physical infrastructure

SkyCom Benefits

  • Impeccable track record representing more than 30 companies across the world
  • Local partnerships that have presence in Latin America for over 100 years
  • Contact Center staff with over 20 years of combined BPO experience
  • State of the art buildings complete with top of the line IT infrastructure
  • US certified processes with a local touch
  • Ownership of numerous buildings
  • Redundant sites in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Chile

What People Are Saying About Us

“After visiting most Latin America countries looking for the right near shore partner, I was extremely impressed with SkyCom and how they incorporate family values in to the industry. I was equally impressed with the English level and infrastructure.


YourTel Wireless

( "Dale Schmick - COO" )

“I get to visit our operation with SkyCom once a month and what a great mid size company to work with. The attention to detail, low attrition and talent that is provided is incredible comparing it with much larger providers!”


Terracom Inc.

( "Susan Grant - President" )


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